How to Get Cheap Insurance, Plus Income

If you don’t have any holdings in precious metals, now is the time to do it and the Silver Deposit Account℠ is the perfect vehicle.


Precious metals have long been a hedge against economic, political, and global turmoil. The problem with just holding metal is that despite the upside in your investment value gain, there’s no payday today.

Of course, some precious metal investments produce income today, but they’re less than desirable, to say the least, due to their high-risk profile.

You may have considered precious metals mining stocks.

“Miners” are considered “speculative” investments. Given the right scenario, they’re known to explode, meaning they go bust and literally cost you most, if not all, of your investment. So they’re out. Precious metals mutual funds are better because they spread risk across more stocks. However, these funds can also experience wild price fluctuations.

The only thing that is truly reliable is the precious metal itself when it’s either delivered to your home (where you take physical possession) or stored in a 100-percent-insured segregated account in a depository.

These forms of investment do provide the hedge you may be seeking and retain their value, even with some price fluctuation. But, they do not produce income today. And this brings us back to silver.

Why is the Silver Deposit Account℠ an ideal precious metals investment? It accomplishes your preservation of wealth goals while providing a monthly income today.

Why NOT hold American Silver Eagles AND get paid monthly to do so, with no fear whatsoever of losing your investment?

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