Our Silver Deposit Account℠ is more liquid than CDs

What’s the ONE restriction you hate about Jumbo CDs? Yes, if you cash in the CD early, you forfeit your interest.

Who likes that degree of control?

Seriously, you may have your money locked up for years.

Problem is, life can be unpredictable. Yesterday you were fine with your CD. Today, your spouse wants to remodel the kitchen. Bam, you need the cash. When you cash in your CDs, you’ll shed a little tear over the lost interest.

That’s not so with the Silver Deposit Account℠.

First, the account is yours to liquidate whenever you wish. Because you get paid income every month in two forms, check or more coins in your account, you’ve already been paid. You’ll sacrifice nothing upon liquidation.

Furthermore, you can do a partial redemption. You don’t have to redeem all your money out of the account.

If you need funds in a pinch, call or email and we’ll sell your coins. You’ll then receive the proceeds overnight if needed.

All to say, your Silver Deposit Account℠ is highly liquid and there for you without any cancellation fees.

If you’d like to speak to us about this, please call (800) 867-6768. Our team looks forward to sharing more about this investment opportunity.