Investing in Silver Eagles: A Good Investment in a Fluctuating Silver Market

The American Silver Eagle, in the recent years, has made a significant contribution in promoting silver’s popularity. The U.S. Mint started producing the Silver American Eagle in 1986. The American Silver Eagle bullion coins are distinct since they have been certified and guaranteed to be 100% pure silver by the U.S government. This guarantee raises their value for investment use.

American Silver Eagles Continue to Remain Rare Despite the Fall in Price of Silver

It can be a bit riskier to invest in silver compared to gold because silver prices have more extreme fluctuation in the market than other precious metals. However, high-risk investments including those in silver stand a higher chance of growth and financial success due to the unpredictable nature of the market.

Silver is one of the rarest resources in the world, and its supply continues to diminish with time. The metal’s scarcity is being experienced all over the world including at the U.S. Mint. The metal’s rarity makes it an excellent investment since its prices are projected to rise significantly. Today is one of the best times to invest in silver while at these rock bottom prices.

American Silver Eagles have gained fame among investors and coin collectors. But, what makes the coins so popular?

The Appeal of Investing in Silver Eagles

The coins are valuable to collectors due to the difficulty in finding some of the older year coins. Besides that, the coins are aesthetically appealing thus, ideal to be given out as gifts. Also, there are various reasons why these bullion coins are of greater value to investors.

Firstly, Silver Eagles can be an affordable, cost-efficient way to get started in precious metals investing, and to expand one’s nest egg with a sound, hard asset backed by the U.S. Government.

Secondly, American Silver Eagles are widely recognized, and easy to buy, sell, transport and store.

These two factors alone make the American Silver Eagle very attractive. Silver Eagles cannot depreciate since their demand will always be high. These coins are globally recognized and in high demand. There is also an abundance of industrial uses for silver, and today, the only industrial commodity used more than silver is oil. The value of the American Silver Eagle is influenced by the increase in physical precious metal retail demand.

American Silver Eagle Popularity and the Silver Shortage

Silver’s shortage has not been able to keep up with the American Silver Eagle’s popularity and market demand since it has skyrocketed.

The U.S. Mint stopped the coin’s sale halfway into January 2013, and just recently, ran out again in September 2018. This suspension increased the rate of demand for the coin, with the newly minted coins selling out within a short time.

The U.S. Mint responded to this high demand and low supply by announcing that new silver supplies would soon be available. This announcement has been met with skepticism among dealers and investors.

It is apparent that it is becoming harder to obtain silver and next time the Mint might take longer before resuming sales.

There is only a small number of Top 10 silver companies in the country, including West Hills Capital, that are fortunate to have a steady supply of the coins that can be sold at very competitive prices. The American Silver Eagles remain strong, even with the supply fluctuation due to market forces, and are thus a worthy investment to both investors and coin collectors.

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