Silver is Moving: What’s Your Move

While stocks may still be the norm for diversifying an investment portfolio, one precious metal is quietly bubbling and about to disrupt the market.

With regards to the precious metals market, nothing stands out quite like silver. It can be found in a variety of forms, including silver bars, silver bullion, and silver coins, making the opportunity for investment an intriguing one.

While silver may not be the most expensive precious metal, silver has a long history of holding its value and when the stock market and other industries are trending downward, physical silver is at its best.

Why You Should Move Fast on Silver


This makes it considerably important to approach the silver market with the fortitude to sift through the commotion and not be confused by short-term data reports if you’re considering jumping into silver investing.

5 Year Low Could Mean High Returns on Silver Investments

Throughout history, silver has had a reputation for being exceptionally low in cost before spiking upwards. Trends can be spotted in 2010 and 2012.

When the volatility in silver is scarce, it’s a sure indicator that something is getting ready to happen and, as you guessed it, silver is currently sitting at a five year low and is starting to trend upwards.

With world economies giving indications of default, it won’t be long until the U.S. has another financial slide and as previously mentioned, when the stock market goes down, the value of silver goes up, usually dramatically.

As the U.S. finds itself in the midst of a currency war with China, the world’s second-largest economy and leading holder of U.S. debt securities, this trade dispute could evolve from a mere trade and currency war to a perfect opportunity for people who want to secure their future and grab hold of the bullish silver market by the horns.

The Advantages of Investing in Silver

An excellent option for anyone looking to break into the silver market is via the physical market (ie. bars, bullions, and coins).

Physical silver investments are hard assets that offer a tangible hedge against potential hacking and cybercrime. This not only protects you in ways that digital assets like stocks cannot, but in times of political and economic uncertainty, investors often congregate around precious metals due to their tangibility and invulnerability to market fluctuations.

Silver also offers higher returns compared to other precious metals such as gold. Silver bullion is worth around 1/79th the price of gold bullion, which makes it not only affordable but much more likely to see a bigger percentage gain when prices go up and history is on silver’s side.

Lastly, silver offers you an added benefit of anonymity and privacy, allowing you to make transactions that are not a part of a public record.

Just like any other asset, silver can give you no guarantee of financial success, but it can give your investment portfolio a steady, diversified return compared to traditional stocks while also retaining higher liquidity.

For long-term investors, silver is undoubtedly a stable choice and is an excellent hedge during times of political and economic uncertainty. If silver is going to follow any trends set by gold, a move to silver could be rather explosive and the upside is favored in the silver market.

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