Storage for Your Gold or Silver IRA

The Best Way to Store Your Gold, Silver and Other Precious Metals First, you CAN hold physical gold and silver in your IRA. But the physical metal will need to be stored. There are three ways people store their IRA’s gold and silver: Keep it at home in a safe Put it in a local […]

7 Ways Inflation Can Destroy Your Retirement Dreams

Inflation is the general rise in the prices of goods and services. As prices go up, the purchasing power of your money goes down. For example, if the annual inflation rate is 4%, that means prices will, on average, increase by 4% in a year. If inflation is 0%, prices will remain the same on […]

How to Spot Silver Scams: 5 Mistakes Every Precious Metals Investor Should Avoid

There’s an archaic misunderstanding of money when it comes to precious metals, and some dealers capitalize on this confusion to make huge margins for themselves from unsuspecting investors. These dealers use strong emotions, nuance and slick sales talk to push their customers into buying rare and expensive coins—even when their buyers aren’t collectors. The precious […]

Bullion vs. Proof Metals: There Is No Debate

Bring up the question of bullion vs proof metals on any precious metals forum and you’re sure to get an earful on either side of the discussion. The truth of the matter is that this debate was settled long ago… If the goal is preservation or growth, the smart money buys bullion every time. And […]