About Our Company

“When I began my career in precious metals, I didn’t set out to right the wrongs of the ‘quick-buck’ companies out there. But, after speaking with countless individuals who’d been swindled and were upside down in their investments as a result, I saw a path toward a viable business by helping people get back on track.”
Joe Unger
Chief Executive Officer

The West Hills Capital Approach

The black eye of this industry is the companies that meticulously lay traps and the number of people who’ve fallen into them. The good news is that West Hills Capital has devised a system intent on correcting this atrocity and the position in which those individuals find themselves.

Our approach is simple



The right products with the greatest value


Fast and Economical

No transfer, storage or maintenance fees with fast delivery times



Guaranteed and insured products that stand the test of time

While investors receive various advice from brokers, companies, firms, foundations and more, West Hills Capital knows owning precious metals isn’t just an investment – it’s the process of converting your hard-earned cash into gold, silver or other metals to preserve your purchasing power and wealth well into your future.


Ask about no fees and storage when you speak with a West Hills Capital precious metals strategist.


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