Make Monthly Income by Owning American Silver Eagles!

Not futures trading. Not mining stocks with questionable dividends.

You own hard, physical silver bullion; real money with real value.

With West Hills Capital’s Silver Deposit Account℠, you can collect a monthly lease payment on the American Silver Eagles you have on deposit. The more coins you have in your account, the more your earning potential compounds.

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Use the calculator below to estimate your earnings, then call us for even more precise numbers based on your position, and numbers that can exceed these safe estimates.

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What our clients are saying about West Hills Capital…

These people are the most honest and friendly people you could deal with.

I would definitely give a five star rating to these people. I previously had been dealing with a company in California, and every time I turned around, I would be charged more fees—I didn’t know there were so many fees. — Jack C.

I wish I had found them years ago…

West Hills Capital took over my IRA Precious Metals and I’m glad they did. I wish I had found them years ago, because I would be in a different situation now. I never felt pressured into agreeing to anything or signing anything. Their welcome packet is very informative and beneficial. I have and will continue to recommend them. — Robert P.

A Company of Integrity. 5 Stars!

I’m very impressed with West Hills Capital. Prior to becoming involved with West Hills Capital, I had incurred a sizable loss. Joe spoke with me at length about this. He offered his advice on how I could recoup my losses and possibly even make a profit. He was straightforward, honest, broke it down for me and did not make any unrealistic promises. He took his time explaining everything to me. He is communicative and easily accessible. Even greater, I am not being charged a fee. They have covered all costs, including shipping. — Rich T.

Polite, Professional and Understanding.

I have found them to be polite, professional and understanding. Brooke has been great. I felt comfortable with her. I did have doubts and concerns going into this, but Brooke answered all my questions and put me at ease. I did some research on them and found them to be quite reputable, good reviews. The company said no fees and they’ve kept their word. — Alma T.

West Hills Capital rescued me from a bad deal where I received bad advice.

I was upside down in my investment and West Hills Capital rescued me from a bad deal where I received some bad advice. Not only did they redirect it, West Hills Capital has shown a personal interest in the progress of my investment and in my life as well. I know I am in excellent hands. I’ve already recommended their services to others.  — Brian M.

West Hills Capital are the most honest and friendly people you could deal with. I had a gold IRA with the other company and West Hills Capital helped me switch to silver. [I] started making money and was surprised when I noticed I wasn’t being charged all the fees. I called them to be sure they’re weren’t going to catch up with me later and to my surprise they never did. — Jack C.

Let West Hills Capital help you gain preservation, growth, and income all in one.


Silver Eagles

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