1 oz Platinum Bars
1 oz Platinum Bars1 oz Platinum Bars

1 oz Platinum Bars

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  • Metal Type Platinum
  • Metal Content 1 troy oz.
  • Weight 1 troy oz.
  • Composition 99.99% Platinum
  • Diameter N/A
  • Mint Dates N/A

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About this Product

Presently, platinum is a widely-used although very rare metal, which is critically important to the auto industry, the jewelry trade, as well as the chemical, electrical and glass manufacturing industries. Far rarer than gold, the sources of platinum production remain limited. The number and range of platinum’s industrial uses have increased rapidly during this century to include neurosurgical and dental devices, drugs for cancer treatment, computer and automotive equipment. New uses for platinum are being discovered almost daily among a supply that is exceedingly limited. Platinum’s relative shortage in the face of ever-increasing demand gives platinum incredible investment potential. Its historical price performance makes platinum an encouraging and attractive investment.

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