$20 Liberty Head

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$20 Liberty Head

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This last variation of the Liberty double eagle, often labeled Type 3, was produced in large quantities, particularly during the last decade of the 19th century and in the years leading to the end of the series in 1907. In most years the output from the San Francisco branch mint was greater than the production from any of the other mints, including Philadelphia. The designer of the Liberty Head double eagle, James B. Longacre, had died on January 1, 1869. His successor William Barber, and Barber’s son Charles Barber, made modest changes to the designs, including a change in the denomination listing on the reverse from TWENTY D. to TWENTY DOLLARS, which defines the type, and a stronger angle of the neck truncation on Liberty, which provided additional space for the placement of the date. Specifications: Designer: James B. Longacre, with minor modifications by William Barber and Charles Barber Circulation Mintage:high 6,256,699 (1904), low 571 (1882; none from Philadelphia in 1883, 1884, and 1887) Proof Mintage:high 158 (1903), low 20 (1877 and 1878; one Denver 1907 proof, or proof-like piece, has been certified) Denomintion: $20.00, Twenty dollars, Double Eagle Diameter: ±34 mm, reeded edge Metal content: 90% gold, 10% copper Varieties:A few minor die varieties have been identified, but a double die 1888 and double date 1896 are the only two currently listed in census/ population reports. A unique 1876 proof prototype of this final Liberty double eagle type, called a transitional pattern in the 2009 Guide Book, is known.

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