American Gold Eagle 1 oz Coin (Random Dates)

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For those who like to buy domestic, very little is more American than American Gold Eagle gold coins. Authorized by Congress in 1985 and minted since 1986, the gold contained in American Gold Eagle gold coins is mined exclusively from U.S. soil. American Gold Eagle gold coins take their name from the majestic bird landing in a nest already inhabited by a female eagle and her hatchlings. The other side of American Gold Eagle gold coins features the other iconic symbol of the United States of America, Lady Liberty. The original American Gold Eagle gold coins minted through 1991 feature dates inscribed in Roman numerals. American Gold Eagle gold coins minted since then have their dates inscribed in Arabic numbers. American Gold Eagle’s today are the number 1 selling gold coin in the USA. Each coin is 1 Ounce of Fine Gold and features St.Gaudens Liberty on the Obverse.

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