South African Krugerrand
South African KrugerrandSouth African Krugerrand

South African Krugerrand

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  • Metal Type Gold
  • Metal Content 1.0003oz.
  • Weight 33.93g
  • Composition 91.667% gold, 8.333% copper
  • Diameter 32.7 mm
  • Mint Dates 1967 - present

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About this Product

Originally minted in 1967, the South African Krugerrand is the original one troy ounce gold bullion coin made by a government and valued on the content of its gold, rather than the face value of the coin. Furthermore, by producing the coin as legal tender in South Africa, the coin was offered for portfolio diversification in the United States, which at the time, banned private ownership of gold bullion, but did allow ownership of foreign coins. The South African Krugerrand is a 22-karat coin and is comprised of one troy ounce of pure gold and 2.826 grams of a copper alloy which is used to give the coins higher durability and to make them more resistant to scratching. Today, the Krugerrand is viewed as one of the world’s oldest and most distinguishable gold bullion coins, carrying with it all of the qualities one could want in a gold investment: liquidity, portability and exquisiteness.

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