Type 1 Gold Dollar MS63

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Type I Gold Dollar – 90% Gold and 10% Silver and Copper

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The Type 1 Gold dollar was produced from 1849 to 1854. Composed of 90% pure gold, it was the smallest denomination of gold currency ever produced in the United States. When the US system of coinage was originally designed there had been no plans for a gold dollar coin, but in the late 1840s, two gold rushes later, Congress was looking to expand the use of gold in the country’s currency. Designed by James B. Longacre, the first type of gold dollar is known as the “Liberty Head” type or the “Type I” gold dollar. The obverse of the coins depicts Liberty’s head circled by thirteen stars. She faces to the left and wears a coronet inscribed with the word “LIBERTY”. The reverse depicts a simple wreath encircling the date and value of the coin, and the inscription “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, the coin had a composition of .900 gold and .100 copper. It therefore contained .04837 ounces of pure gold. Specifications: Designer: James Barton Longacre Mintage: All Years 12,565,273 Proofs- Fewer than 20 Denomintion: $1.00 Diameter: ±12.7 millimeters Metal content: Gold – 90% Silver and Copper – 10% Varieties: Reeded

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