100 oz Silver Bar
100 oz Silver Bar100 oz Silver Bar

100 oz Silver Bar

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  • Metal Type Silver
  • Metal Content 100 oz.
  • Weight 100 oz.
  • Composition 0.9999
  • Diameter N/A
  • Mint Dates N/A

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About this Product

Throughout history, silver bullion has functioned as a primary monetary metal. It is durable, divisible, convenient, and cannot be created by fiat. In 1792, silver became a key role in the United States monetary system when Congress based the currency on the silver dollar, and its fixed relationship to gold. Silver was used for the nation’s coinage until its use was discontinued in 1965. The start of the 20th century marked an important economic function for silver, that of an industrial raw material. Industrial demand for silver has grown steadily for the past three decades because of silver’s many unique properties, including its strength, malleability, and ductility. In addition to its industrial uses and qualities, silver is also used in various health care products because of the unique antibacterial characteristics that it possesses. Silver’s historic role as a store of value and investment, and its increasing demand in a world where growing industrial use exceeds available new supplies, further suggests a bullish trend for this versatile metal. There may never be a better time to buy silver bullion than right now. World demand for silver’s industrial, medical and investment uses, now exceeds annual silver production, and has every year since 1990. Above ground stockpiles are low and are reported to be shrinking rapidly. For these reasons, many feel silver bullion represents an outstanding investment opportunity.

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