Invest in Silver: Why You Should Use Silver to Grow Your Wealth

While much of the attention has always been on gold, silver is actually an equally great–if not even better–way to grow your wealth. After all, silver is a precious metal that has been used as currency and jewelry for centuries, and its value has remained stable over time. Unlike other investments, such as stocks or […]

Why You Should Invest In Gold in 2022

Gold has always been seen as a safe haven asset, and with the global economy expected to rebound in 2022, now is the perfect time to invest in gold. As you probably know, during times of market turmoil, investors turn to gold, mainly because it’s perceived as a safe haven. When Russian troops first invaded […]

What To Do About Inflation: Part 1

As you’ve seen, it’s clear that we have a huge problem with inflation. The government is pretending that inflation is below 2%, allowing the Fed to continue creating more inflation under the guise of quantitative easing, stimulus checks, and 0% interest rates.  This in turn is fueling a record increase in U.S. trade deficits, with […]

How to Choose the Best Precious Metals to Invest In

The past blog posts have made you aware of the benefits of investing in precious metals as opposed to investing with a bank or other means. But there are a variety of precious metals out there, so which ones make the best investment? We’ll discuss two of the most common precious metals to invest in: […]

Why Banks and the Wealthy Are Using Precious Metals

You may wonder how an almost “fraudulent” money-making system like the ones perpetrated by banks came to be. In 1971, President Nixon did away with the gold standard and introduced a new operating system called FIAT. The dollar, pound, and Euro are all government FIAT currencies. Only the government has the power to issue FIAT […]

Fractional Reserve Banking: What Banks Don’t Want to Tell You

If you want to further increase your knowledge, read on to find what banks don’t tell you about fractional reserve banking. The gap between the very rich and the very poor is getting bigger. We are led to believe this is a good thing based on the theory that the rich will spend currency that […]

Why Bank Loans are Problematic

If you want to continue strengthening your knowledge, read on for valuable information on how banks are a debt-based system.  When banks lend a person currency, the currency stops circulating. It disappears from the currency supply. The currency supply increases when the banks make the loans and decreases when the borrower pays the principal back […]

Inflation vs. Gold and Silver: Why You Should Invest In Precious Metals

Have you gone into the store lately, and noticed as you’re swiping your card that the same $100 bill you used to fill up your grocery bag with, no longer fills it up anymore? Sigh… inflation.  The price of things has indeed gone up, but it hasn’t fully registered for most, because the media, powered […]

8 Financial Tips You Can Learn From The Economic Crisis in Venezuela

When it comes to financial advice, we can learn a lot from Venezuela’s example. The South American country was once one of the richest in the world, thanks to its oil reserves. But now, it’s in the midst of an economic crisis that has seen inflation reach unprecedented levels. This isn’t unique to Venezuela – […]

What We Learned From France’s Three Economic Crises

Human beings are really stubborn creatures. You’d think we’d learn from past mistakes, and realize that paper currency has led to the collapse of almost EVERY economy that’s tried to use a fiat currency to trade goods and services. Let’s use France as an example. France is probably the only country that’s faced economic collapse […]