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Retirement plans are designed to provide you with funds to live on when you stop working, but do you know how much those investments will be worth? Can you accurately predict how much money you will need when you retire?

Gold has been the standard for commerce throughout the world for thousands of years. Its value rarely changes because the supply of gold to population ratio rarely changes. The ratio of gold that exists today will be what essentially exists 50 years from now.

The same cannot be said for U.S. currency.

Adding precious metals to your retirement portfolio is a sound strategy due to the stability of gold, silver and other metals. Investing in precious metals for your retirement means your wealth will not be affected by the amount of debt the government accrues, how much money it prints or the condition of the economy by the time you retire.

The Precious Metals Retirement Plan

An individual retirement account (IRA) is one retirement strategy. Funds deposited are tax-deferred, which doesn’t mean tax-free – it means you don’t pay taxes now on the money you earn as long as you invest it. Once you cash in on that investment, however, you owe taxes – and this money is considered income on your tax return after the age of 59 1/2.

Until recently, it was believed that only stocks and bonds could be part of an IRA – but you can also purchase and add precious metals, including gold and silver, to your IRA. The same tax structure applies regardless of the assets. The difference with precious metals is that you have a choice in taking physical delivery when it comes time for distribution or receiving a check for the value of the metal.

Consult with a West Hills Capital retirement strategist to learn more about different tactics you can employ to preserve your retirement assets.

Convert Your IRA to Gold

Converting your IRA assets to gold, silver or other metals is simple when you work with West Hills Capital. We will set up your account and arrange for the secure delivery and storage of your precious metals with your IRA affiliate.

Ask about no fees and storage when you speak with a West Hills Capital precious metals strategist.


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