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Sarah’s Story

Knowing the potential for market volatility, Sarah had been thinking about purchasing precious metals to diversify her investment portfolio. After hearing an ad on the radio offering a free ounce of gold to new buyers, she thought she’d found the right time and opportunity. Cautious but intrigued, she called the company to inquire.

“Apparently, the offer applied only if I purchased a specific product, but I couldn’t get straight answers about fees or its value. The sales rep didn’t ask about my goals or why I was interested in metals. It just didn’t feel right,” Sarah said.

So she decided to do some research and found West Hills Capital. After a short conversation with a metals strategist, it became clear that the product the other company was pushing was really fit for a rare coin collector and the fees would have put her in the red from the get-go.

Now a client of West Hills Capital for more than four years, Sarah continues to add to her metals cache while enjoying straightforward communication and information, lower rates and no fees.

Invest with Retirement in Mind

Are you interested in investing in precious metals as part of your long-term financial plan? Or are interested in the numismatic value of rare coins and other products?

If you fall into the first category, you see precious metals as a staple of solid financial planning. The second category is more speculative and the products are typically purchased by coin collectors. We sell products across the spectrum, but we specialize in those that provide an avenue to securing purchasing power for your future.

Know What You’re Buying

West Hills Capital aims to educate new buyers on the benefits of converting assets into gold and silver, while helping you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.

The ugly truth is that the metals industry is ripe with inaccurate information and predators who benefit from pushing products that are wrong for most buyers.

Many products have higher numismatic value, but carry with them hefty premiums that dealers pocket as commissions. Before you realize what’s happened, you’re upside down in your, otherwise stable, asset. That’s no place to begin.

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The Gold Advantage

Gold is a scarce resource that cannot be reproduced – unlike paper currency. Historically, gold has maintained its intrinsic value and continues to be the most sought-after of precious metals.

The Silver Ascender

More scarce than gold, silver’s intrinsic value has increased over the years – meaning its buying power has increased as well. Silver can be an affordable, cost-efficient way to get started in precious metals investing.

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