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West Hills Capital is a national leader in bullion delivery and silver bullion lease income programs. Investors around the country trust West Hills Capital for their bullion purchasing and safe delivery to their homes.

West Hills Capital is also a boutique market specialist in silver bullion lease income programs, which is the safest, most reliable strategy to earn fixed monthly income based on American Silver Eagle bullion coins.

Each year, West Hills Capital completes $250 million in transactions on behalf of its clients.

Mark’s Story

Mark contacted West Hills Capital after purchasing $150,000 in precious metals from a different well-known company. He was concerned because his initial statements indicated that the value of his products were only about $40,000.

“I knew metals had pulled back slightly, but not by $110,000!” Mark said. “When I called the company, I got the runaround. They said the value was really higher and referenced the sale price again but said nothing about the purchase price, which is where my actual value was derived. I wasn’t getting the truth.”

Mark’s losses weren’t the result of market fluctuations. Essentially, he was talked into products he didn’t want or need, paid hefty fees and signed away his rights to arbitration. Meanwhile, the company earned a huge commission on his purchase. What happened was wrong but, fortunately, not permanent.

West Hills Capital provided Mark a path to get back to whole with an opportunity to recoup his losses within just a few years.

The Problem with the Industry

Signs you over- or misallocated:


You were promised “free” product with your first purchase.


You were told the products you wanted weren’t good for you or wouldn’t qualify you for the free product.


You were sold a narrative presented to you by the sales person.


You paid commissions and fees that caused you to be upside down in your investment.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, we see this a lot. You had the right idea to convert your assets to gold, silver or other precious metals. We just wish we could have been available to you before you purchased them from the wrong group.

Fortunately, we can help right the wrong.

The majority of our clients wish to buy gold, silver and other metals as a financial plan for the future – a way to diversify an investment portfolio. Yet, some of the best-known companies prey on these individuals, selling products with more numismatic value that are better suited for rare coin collectors. Why? These products offer higher commissions for them but great losses for you.

The West Hills Capital Difference

West Hills Capital wants to educate new buyers about converting cash into gold and silver while helping them avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.

We do not bait and switch or offer limited-time, “free” products in exchange for bad assets. Instead, we offer precious metals products based on your unique situation and goals. We’ll look at your portfolio and give you real numbers that demonstrate how you can get where you want to go.

West Hills Capital also picks up all fees and can deliver products fast. For most products, clients never pay shipping and insurance.

We applaud you for being an honest skeptic, and we want reward you with the information you need to make informed decisions with an all-around better experience. Learn more about the variety of precious metals products on the market and the differences between them.

When you’re ready, give us a call to discuss how we can help you get on the road to a positive experience.

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