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Joe Unger Chief Executive Officer

Money vs. Currency: Understanding the Difference

At first glance, the words “money” and “currency” appear to be synonyms, but actually, they’re not. Worse, they are sometimes used interchangeably in several scenarios. In this article, we’ll discuss money vs. currency, how they differ, and their history. Money vs. Currency To understand the difference between “money” and “currency,” let’s break it down in […]

8 Countries With Failed Currencies and Why It Happened

No country is immune to failed currencies, and history has repeatedly shown us this. But as humans, we sometimes fail to see the warning signs in our own backyard and take comfort in this false idea that these issues only affect other countries. Are you prepared for the possibility of a failed currency? Well, here’s […]

7 Ways Inflation Can Destroy Your Retirement Dreams

Inflation is the general rise in the prices of goods and services. As prices go up, the purchasing power of your money goes down. For example, if the annual inflation rate is 4%, that means prices will, on average, increase by 4% in a year. If inflation is 0%, prices will remain the same on […]

9-Point Checklist to Get Started with Your Silver IRA

Quickly and easily transfer your IRA into a tax-deferred silver IRA with West Hills Capital. At West Hills Capital, you’ll find your transfer from paper to silver IRA hassle free—easier than you imagine. We do all the heavy lifting for you. We make it a simple, easy-to-follow process and make sure you are kept in the […]

JPMorgan Has Gone Long in Paper and Physical Silver for The First Time Ever

JPMorgan recently accumulated more than 21 million ounces of physical silver in only two months, after already amassing a world-record 750 million ounces. In addition to this, they’ve reduced their 200 million ounce paper short position in June to 100 million ounces in August. Their position has now changed to net long paper silver. JPMorgan […]

How to Spot Silver Scams: 5 Mistakes Every Precious Metals Investor Should Avoid

There’s an archaic misunderstanding of money when it comes to precious metals, and some dealers capitalize on this confusion to make huge margins for themselves from unsuspecting investors. These dealers use strong emotions, nuance and slick sales talk to push their customers into buying rare and expensive coins—even when their buyers aren’t collectors. The precious […]

Bullion vs. Proof Metals: There Is No Debate

Bring up the question of bullion vs proof metals on any precious metals forum and you’re sure to get an earful on either side of the discussion. The truth of the matter is that this debate was settled long ago… If the goal is preservation or growth, the smart money buys bullion every time. And […]